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INFN and Instrumentation Technologies together for the SABINA research and innovation hub

The INFN-LNF (National Institute for Nuclear Physics – National Laboratory of Frascati) in Frascati (Rome) conducts theoretical and experimental research in the fields of subnuclear, nuclear, and astroparticle physics. The SABINA (Source of Advanced Beam Imaging for Novel Applications) project is born as the consolidation of the SPARC_LAB research facility, which includes the SPARC photoinjector […]

Time to turn eureka into your company’s next North Star

How many undeveloped ideas are there lurking on your schedule, how many half-initiated projects and incomplete action plans? Is it gratifying? They keep echoing from not-so-distant oblivion, but what if some great changes are hidden behind them? A new technology, a new success story, a new business partner? Recognition, career development? But it’s a hard […]

The innovative BPM readout system

The cooperation between Elettra – Sincrotrone Trieste and Instrumentation Technologies for the future Elettra 2.0 machine A partnership agreement was recently signed between the Italian-based research center Elettra – Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.P.A. and the Slovenian high-tech company Instrumentation Technologies d.o.o. The two parties are combining their expertise and know-how in research, development and production of […]

Customized Infotainment System for European automotive electric car producer

Modularity is the key to successfully run projects. High responsiveness to the customer’s requirements is a fully grasped and well-known aspect of the engineering team at Instrumentation Technologies. When a project is stuck between two different phases and fast intervention is needed, the experienced team applies a methodology that allows them to jump into the […]

Solutions for Particle Therapy Facilities

Since 1998, our ambition has been to exceed the boundaries of existing technical practices in the field of Particle Accelerators. Our product portfolio of reliable and robust beam-diagnostic-and-control instrumentation, known by the brand name Libera, covers also solutions for Particle Therapy accelerators. With more than 20 years of experience and over 4500 Libera systems sold […]

ARX Equity Partners acquires Instrumentation Technologies

ARX Equity Partners acquires Instrumentation Technologies, a global leader in advanced instrumentation for the particle accelerator and proton therapy markets 1st March 2021 ARX Equity Partners (“ARX”), a private equity firm focused on the Central European region, has agreed to complete the acquisition of Instrumentation Technologies (“I-Tech”, www.i-tech.si). Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Solkan, […]

Družba ARX Equity Partners je prevzela Instrumentation Technologies

Družba ARX Equity Partners je prevzela visokotehnološko podjetje Instrumentation Technologies, vodilnega globalnega ponudnika napredne instrumentacije na področju pospeševalnikov osnovnih delcev in protonske terapije 1. marec 2021 ARX Equity Partners (ARX) je sklad zasebnega kapitala, ki je s svojim delovanjem prisotno v predelu centralne Evrope. Podjetje Instrumentation Technologies je bilo leta 1998 ustanovljeno v Solkanu in […]

The Xilinx FPGA System on Chip in high-speed data acquisition devices

Electrical spikes are sudden power increases that only last a few milliseconds or even hundreds of microseconds, but they can cause great damages to electric train and railway signalization equipment. In the best-case scenario, electrical spikes can reset parameters on electrical equipment, while in the worst of cases, they can destroy electrical components or cause a […]

How to shorten the Battery Life Cycle testing time

The most effective and efficient way to complete a task is to focus on it at 100% – and have multiple brains doing the same, simultaneously.  When it comes to the automotive industry, this concept suits perfectly the Battery Life Cycle testing. Why? Because it is an extremely long-winded process, and definitely not an efficient […]

Iščemo Razvojnega inženirja strojne opreme (začetnika)

Si kreativna oseba in iščeš vedno nove izzive? Si pred kratkim končal/a ali končuješ študji na fakulteti za elektrotehniko? Si želiš pridobiti nova znanja na področju načrtovanja elektronskih naprav? Zate imamo priložnost za začetek karierne poti! V visokotehnološkem podjetju Instrumentation Technologies iščemo Razvojnega inženirja strojne opreme – začetnika (Junior Hardware Development Engineer). Smo mednarodno priznano […]

The Building Block data acquisition system

In areas where critical operational data needs to be recorded in a fast and reliable way, Building Blocks can be used to build a system according to specific customer needs. Why is high-speed Data Acquisition fundamental? Rapid industrial development makes facilities and equipment rely more and more on electric signals as a source of power […]