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Fields of work at Instrumentation Technologies

Hardware development

Our hardware development team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced engineers with diverse backgrounds. From electrical and mechanical engineers to system architects. They are responsible for conceptualization, design, prototyping, and development testing. Their work requires attention to detail, precision, and a passion for pushing the boundaries of hardware technology.

Software development

Our software development team is a dynamic group of incredibly skilled engineers with expertise in FPGA programming, C, C++, and Linux OS. They possess in-depth knowledge of hardware-software integration, low-level programming, and real-time systems. From developing high-performance FPGA-based algorithms, and writing hardware drivers to creating efficient software applications, our team is at the forefront of technological advancements.

Quality control & Production

Our Quality Control department comprises software testers to hardware quality engineers. They collaborate with other teams throughout the product lifecycle, from design and development to manufacturing and post-release support. The team designs and executes comprehensive test plans, conducts rigorous performance testing, and implements effective defect tracking and resolution processes.

Technical support

Our technical support department are knowledgeable professionals and product specialists, who solve software or hardware-related issues, assist with installation and configuration, or provide product training and documentation. They are committed to delivering comprehensive support that enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty. The team also collaborates closely with the product development and quality control teams, providing valuable feedback from customers to drive product improvements and bug fixes.

Marketing & Sales

Our marketing and sales team combines marketing strategists and sales representatives. They possess knowledge of market analysis, product positioning, and customer engagement. With strong communication skills, they work collaboratively to drive brand awareness, generate leads, and close sales. Their work is centered around understanding customer needs, effectively communicating product value, and nurturing long-term customer relationships to drive revenue growth and market expansion.

Project office

Our project office is staffed with project managers and coordinators with strong organization and project management expertise. They are responsible to ensure seamless project execution by effectively planning, coordinating, and monitoring project activities. They oversee a diverse portfolio of high-tech projects – from product development initiatives to system implementations, our team ensures projects are delivered on time, within budget, and according to the defined scope.

Administration & Finance

Our administration and finance department engages in diverse tasks to support the overall functioning of our organization. They oversee budgeting and financial planning, ensuring resources are allocated efficiently across various projects. Their contribution enables effective financial decision-making and ensures the financial stability and growth of the company.

Working at Instrumentation Technologies

Experts at Instrumentation Technologies face new technological and business challenges on a daily basis, while not forgetting about good working relationships. Employees are united by the desire to excel and therefore encourage creativity and innovation in their working environment.

Instrumentation Technologies is one of the few Slovenian companies that is reversing the brain drain; thanks to the level of expertise of the team, a pleasant working atmosphere, good working conditions and a clear development strategy, the company successfully attracts top-flight international collaborations.