Customized Infotainment System for European automotive electric car producer

Modularity is the key to successfully run projects. High responsiveness to the customer’s requirements is a fully grasped and well-known aspect of the engineering team at Instrumentation Technologies. When a project is stuck between two different phases and fast intervention is needed, the experienced team applies a methodology that allows them to jump into the middle of the making, quickly recognize the issue and fix it.

Case study – Solving incompatibility between TouchPad hardware and existing Infotainment software

Thanks to their expertise in the Linux Kernel design, the engineering team managed to detect and adjust the following issues:

Challenge solved #1 – Getting familiar with the system: customized Linux Kernel and specific Linux Flavour

Challenge solved #2 – Building up the whole Infotainment System code base

Challenge solved #3 – Updating firmware: transforming fingers pressure on the tactile sensor into 1-2-3-4 finger gestures on the TouchPad

Challenge solved #4 – Customizing Linux Kernel by adding drivers for correct interpretation of finger gestures

Challenge solved #5 – Library transforming pressure of 1-2-3-4 finger into identified gestures (scrolling, pinching, rotating, double-tapping, long-press – drag – release, etc)

From zero to hero: jumping in mid-stream and leading a project

Flexibility and agility are the driving forces leading to successful projects and satisfied customers. The engineering team at Instrumentation Technologies applies one or more answers to as many different requirements as possible:

Ideation – Specification of requirements, project scope definition, defined deliverables, timeline, and costs

Design consulting – Cost-effective and timely completion of design with foreseen certification requirements

Product development – Multiple departments at Instrumentation Technologies (engineering, procurement, supply chain, quality control) and a vast network of verified ecosystem partners make it easier to bring a new product to market

Certification – Selecting the proper pre-certified modules and/or verified design that can speed up certification for existing products, upgrades and new versions

Industrialization – Creating quality prototypes for determining solution viability, hardware design, and embedded software testing


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