INFN and Instrumentation Technologies together for the SABINA research and innovation hub

The INFN-LNF (National Institute for Nuclear Physics – National Laboratory of Frascati) in Frascati (Rome) conducts theoretical and experimental research in the fields of subnuclear, nuclear, and astroparticle physics. The SABINA (Source of Advanced Beam Imaging for Novel Applications) project is born as the consolidation of the SPARC_LAB research facility, which includes the SPARC photoinjector and the FLAME power laser, to improve performances and increase the facility’s operating time. SABINA will shape SPARC_LAB into a user-facility.

INFN-LNF and Instrumentation Technologies started cooperating in 2014. Their latest collaboration before SABINA occurred in 2019, in the frame of the LATINO (Laboratory in Advanced Technologies for INnOvation) infrastructure that will stimulate the scientific and industrial community for the development of technologies related to the physics of accelerators.

For the SABINA project, INFN procures several Libera instruments, including a reference master oscillator and five digital LLRF systems, three in S-band, two in C-band. Luca Piersanti, Head of RF group at National Institute for Nuclear Physics – Frascati National Laboratories, explains that “the Libera instruments will represent one of the accelerator’s core systems: they will generate the RF pulses that feed the klystrons and thus the accelerating structures of the machine. These systems will give us the possibility to make modulations in phase and amplitude, making it easier for us to attenuate the unwanted effects to the utmost.” Besides generating RF pulses, three independent feedback systems will help to extend the stability of the signals and hence of the whole accelerator.

»After such a long time, I know personally the team at Libera and I can affirm that they’re a very competent and proactive group. They’re fast at solving issues, even when a long time has passed from the shipment. Whenever we’re looking for support, we’ll always receive a solution from the technical team in no more than a day«, Piersanti says.

INFN and Instrumentation Technologies are now considering the possibilities of cooperating on the development of a new LLRF prototype for the infrastructure Eupraxia@Sparc_Lab.