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We know how important it is to try the instrument’s performance on-site before you buy it. Because we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer you one month Logo Libera tryout option.

You can test the following Libera instruments for free, except for shipping and duty charges:

  • Libera Spark ER / ERXR: compact BPM electronics typically used in electron storage rings (ERXR) and booster rings (ER);
  • Libera Spark EL/HL: compact BPM electronics typically used in electron (EL) and hadron (HL) linear accelerators and transfer lines;
  • Libera Spark HR: compact BPM electronics typically used in hadron circular machines;
  • Libera BLM: beam loss monitor electronics with one X-ray PMT sensor;
  • Libera Photon: photon beam position processor;
  • Libera Digit: general purpose 4-channel digitizer (AC coupled or DC coupled).

You will receive the Libera instrument completely customized to your machine (RF and revolution frequency) and we will also provide you all the technical support needed.

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