Time to turn eureka into your company’s next North Star

How many undeveloped ideas are there lurking on your schedule, how many half-initiated projects and incomplete action plans? Is it gratifying? They keep echoing from not-so-distant oblivion, but what if some great changes are hidden behind them? A new technology, a new success story, a new business partner? Recognition, career development?

But it’s a hard life and there’s never enough money, never enough help around, never enough time! Right?


It’s time to lose the excuses:


– The European Commission is providing funds available until 2027, but not only this: the Commission decided to simplify the policy and put 8 different funds under 1 unique regulation. More information is available here


– The help comes straight from our engineering team at Instrumentation Technologies, your potential partner for any project that includes Edge Electronics and demands significant expertise in Fast Data Acquisition and its customization;

Time is a matter of priorities, stop procrastinating! The only certain failure is not trying at all.

Instrumentation Technologies’ goal is to be the best partner when what you need are special EDGE devices, particularly with Fast Data Acquisition in mind.

We’ll help you with:

– Sensorics – acquisition of high-speed or low amplitude signals in the range of 1 GS/s;

– Data acquisition & processing – processing of signals from sensors into meaningful data;

– Communication – data transmission towards the end systems.

Others choose us because:

– Our strong and stable team with 20+ years of experience is made of engineers with an average of 7+ years at the same company, ready to accompany and support partners throughout the project life cycle;

– We hold a long track record of successfully completed projects and satisfied customers.

About Instrumentation Technologies

We started 20 years ago in the field of particle accelerators, where now we offer diverse high-performance instruments. Utilizing the knowledge gained in the demanding field of particle accelerators, we offer development expertise in fields such as MedTech, IoT, smart cities, automotive, telecommunications, aerospace, defense, and university research.

Today, we are a well-experienced, ISO 9001 certified provider of innovative high-tech solutions, including hardware and embedded software design, rapid prototyping, product development, and certification assistance.

Our expertise in hardware development includes RF and Wireless design, Radio-over-fiber design, Low power & Low noise designs, Analog design, and Mixed Signals design. In Software development, we excel at FPGA design & programming, Embedded Software design (Firmware), Customized Linux kernel development, and user-space programming. We round the expertise with our mechanical Enclosure designs.

Companies that trust us with their most complex projects are among the most renowned companies in their respective industries: NASA, Itron, Danfoss, Bombardier, Pipistrel, and many others.

Does your future project involve EDGE electronics with a focus on Fast Data Acquisition and a successful result? Contact us.