How to shorten the Battery Life Cycle testing time

The most effective and efficient way to complete a task is to focus on it at 100%and have multiple brains doing the same, simultaneously. 

When it comes to the automotive industry, this concept suits perfectly the Battery Life Cycle testing. Why? Because it is an extremely long-winded process, and definitely not an efficient way of testing. 

To shorten the production time, a configurable Battery Life Cycle multichannel testing Data Acquisition Device can be designed for parallel readouts.  

The Xilinx FPGA for simultaneous data acquisition and readout (125 kS/s) 

The Xilinx FPGA features great flexibility at processing multiple signals simultaneously (e.g. 64 input channels at 125 kS/s @ 16 bits). Choosing Xilinx FPGA due to its ability to adjust the simultaneous signal processing according to the situation, is determining for an effective job. The Xilinx FPGA completes a way more efficient processing of signals compared with the classical PLC controllers. 

The Xilinx FPGA is used for data sampling and calculating statistical values: each channel can be triggered independently, and triggers can be grouped into 4 separate groups. 

The combination of the Xilinx FPGA and the multi-core ARM processor makes an excellent System on Chip which allows creating the configurable Battery Life Cycle multichannel testing Data Acquisition device. The simultaneous data acquisition and readout (125 kS/s) can be implemented on 64 or more inputs and outputs. 

Such multichannel Signal Acquisition device can work with the customer’s Graphical User Interface (GUI), is compatible with LabVIEW, and can be completely adjusted to the customer’s form factor and size requirements. 

Why could the team at Instrumentation Technologies address this challenge? 

The people in the team are engineers with the ability to implement the interface between the data acquisition outprocessing system and the data delivery & visualization system. This system can be reached by combining the Xilinx FPGA together with the multi-core ARM, featuring a shared RAM, and it is at the core of the configurable Battery Life Cycle multichannel testing Data Acquisition device. 

This efficient combination can be addressed as the Building Blocks system (click here to learn more). The modular Building Blocks data acquisition system‘s design provides a series of standardized, tested and certified bricks that answer the specific customer’s requirements. Being off-the-shelf products, they are all fully tested and EMC certified to avoid unforeseen problems during commissioning and operation. 

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