The fully customized and certified general-purpose Edge device with DAQ capabilities

The previously mentioned Building Blocks system is at the base of Instrumentation Technologies’ 3-Step Solution, the aim of which is to evolve from all-terrain instruments to advanced industrial tools, finetuned to specific needs.

This process is based on the customer’s requirements: in case you have an idea, but you don’t know how to shape it into concrete, that’s where Instrumentation Technologies starts its work. A general-purpose Edge device with DAQ capabilities (Red Pitaya) is given to you in order to analyze your specific needs, and thus to understand the challenge – it goes without saying that this analysis is done in synergy with our engineers.

The benefit of this approach is an immediate and individual assessment of the issue.

Once these specifications are acquired, you’re provided the MVP solution, specifically aimed at your challenge, on the hardware and software side. Thanks to this second step, our team of engineers defines the extent of the general-purpose Edge device with DAQ capabilities enhancement: the device is boosted in order to target the very problem that you’re facing.

The final step results in a fully customized and certified product, featuring enhanced analog and digital hardware performance, complete software control, with real-time processing capabilities, and wired or wireless remote access (e.g. via Wi-Fi or Ethernet).

As previously mentioned, the 3-Step Solution is tailored to the customer’s requirements: provided that you already own specifications, there will be no need for steps 1 and 2, as you’ll be promptly provided with customization and certification assistance.

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P.S.: in case your idea addresses space-based products or services in Healthcare or Education in the context of the COVID-19, don’t forget about ESA’s co-financing opportunity – the deadline for the calls has been extended to 15 January 2021.

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