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Our Expertise

Instrumentation Technologies offers the knowledge and skills in the development of RF and digital electronic devices, including hardware, and low and high levels of software.

In more than 20 years, we have gained a lot of experience designing, developing, producing, testing and delivering electronic devices used for high-performance applications. We deal with synchronized multiple-board systems with real-time digital processing of large amounts of data on a daily basis. We love our work.



We could help you to design, develop and produce electronic systems that require expertise in:

  • Analogue electronic circuits, including up to 12 GHz RF signal processing with shielding solutions on up to 20-layer PCBs
  • Digital electronics engineering
  • Optical-fiber-based communication, RF-to-optical and reversed transformation
  • Software development (from application level down to Linux kernel level)
  • Extensive FPGA programming for high-volume real-time digital signal processing
  • Support and consultation for developments and device industrialization
  • Cost-optimized prototyping and production
  • Cost-optimized series production
  • Manufacturing, software and final quality-control series testing
  • System integration
  • Implementation of high-frequency analogue circuits, digital electronics and optics on a single board
  • Systems and data synchronization
  • Compliance to various safety standards
  • Control system integration.



Some of the typical application areas in which our domain knowledge can make a significant contribution include:

  • Particle accelerators (beam diagnostics, beam stabilization, etc.)
  • Medical applications
  • Telecommunications
  • Spectroscopy
  • Astronomy
  • Fast feedback control systems
  • Meteorology
  • Synchronization.



Share the ideas and challenges that you would like to realize in a rapid, professional and cost-effective manner. Contact us to help find a solution for your challenge.



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