5 things you should know if you want to avoid hiring the wrong R&D guys

“And of course, the perfect R&D people is you guys”, you’re probably telling yourself with a sprinkle of irony.

Well, how many times have you put off starting a new task because it just couldn’t fit into your already overwhelming schedule? How many times have you wished that the day was just a little bit longer than twenty-four hours – say, around thirty, not counting the night ? How many times have you worked against the clock to meet the deadlines?

Bringing a new product to market is, to say the least, a time-consuming and expensive process. When you’re looking to outsource development and technical services, you generally require:

– Technical know-how
– Assistance with certifications
– Experienced professionals and developers you can trust
– Time pressure to be reduced
– Good customer references

“Yeah, actually, all of that’s always on my agenda… And still, things keep turning out the wrong way”, murmurs a voice inside your brain.

Well, after 20 years of experience, I’ve learnt that there are 5 red flags that ring my alarm bell when working with outsourcers:

  1. Developers fluctuation – you start to work with a specific team and end up with a third one, or, even worse, working alone
  2. Lack of knowledge and competence in certification standards
  3. Poor track record of completed projects
  4. Time wasted on the development due to lacking expertise
  5. Questionable amount of references – dubious reliability


Yep, I know, bingo.

It would now make sense for you to look deeper and search for the right partner:

Strong engineering team, with an average of 7+ years at the same company
Expert assistance with certifications
Long track record of successfully completed projects
– Developers with 20+ years of experience – also with time management
Satisfied customers and testimonials proving it

The last five above-mentioned points are all Instrumentation Technologies’ characteristics. We started our high-tech journey in 1998 and we’re now global leaders in solutions for particle accelerators, which makes us some pretty skilled team . All the know-how and expertise we gained throughout the years spent in high-energy physics made us specialized in Sensorics, Data Acquisition & Processing, and Communication. All of our skills are combined and focused on solving issues and supporting international companies like NASA, Alstom, Danfoss, Itron, Rimac and many others.

Curiosity awakened? Let’s have a virtual coffee together and see if we can help you find what you’re looking for. Learn more about our solutions for industries!