Customizable data acquisition solutions from the creators of Red Pitaya

With the Data Acquisition (DAQ) market growth in recent years and its expected growth in the future, there is a growing demand for tailored solutions. Our team of engineers excels in the development of customized Test and Measurement Instrumentation with connectivity across different areas of industry. We provide customized solutions in the acquisition of high speed signals and poor S/N ratio signals.

We work with companies in various industries, and each industry has its specifics and requirements.  Having a full understanding of the project’s requirements and the constraints of the industry specifics is of key importance. Therefore, we take time at the very beginning to pinpoint the issue the project is supposed to address and provide the client with a full solution from product development to certification assistance.

Our engineering team has 20 years of experience in developing tailor-made solutions based on customers’ needs, which help save time, costs and resources.

Our solutions are used in several different industries. Here are some success stories:


A couple of years ago, we created a data acquisition board called Red Pitaya, and in this case, we provided a customized solution for the client’s aerospace application.

The customer was looking for a core signal acquisition module for a mass spectrometer in an aerospace application. They evaluated many DAQ devices and found Red Pitaya’s STEMlab 125-14 to be the best option for them since it comes in a small package that offers both signal generation and signal acquisition. Based on the customer’s requirements, we developed a completely new board. In the end, all of the PCBs were covered with conformal coating for final protection against moisture and tested in a temperature chamber.


We provided a solution for a global leader in the transportation industry that was looking for a signalization device for their railroad system.

The customer needed a configurable device that would be able to measure different parameters with different power supplies (AC and DC), as well as measure different voltage and current levels. We were able to provide a solution that addressed the client’s requirements and offered other device functionalities in addition to data acquisition, such as communications etc.

Are you facing challenges that are eating up your resources and could be easily solved by our team of experts? With fast data acquisition and processing, we can optimize many of your production processes and enable you to optimize your existing devices by adding electronics that will give you more information about the system.

If you are looking for someone who can make your projects run more smoothly and help you speed up the process or lower costs, we might be the right fit for you.