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Replacing obsolete instruments

Since production of Platform A-based Libera instruments will cease at the end of 2012, we have prepared a plan to migrate most of the instruments to the new platform. This automatically means better performance and more flexibility in functionality.

In fact, replacements are already available for some Libera instruments:


             LB+  LSPE



For other Libera instruments (Libera Photon, Libera Bunch-by-Bunch, Libera Hadron) much has been done already. Either we have demonstrated a prototype, or at least a proven concept for the new migrated instrument has been worked out. Finalization of these new units and their market release will be decided by the need in general and will mostly depend on the users’ inquiries and requirements. Indeed, factors such as time needed for the transition and the cost factor have to influence such decisions.


Current users of our instruments may therefore consider the possibility of either adding a spare unit or two, or alternatively plan to upgrade their existing Libera instruments with the new type.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our core team consists of skilled engineers with full knowledge of the systems. We will assist you with hardware, software or system integration issues throughout the product‘s life cycle.


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