In the beginning of November, our team attended Aquatech 2023the premier global event dedicated to process, drinking, and wastewater technology.
If you are trying to connect the dots between Instrumentation Technologies and water treatment, we understand your confusion.  We develop customized data acquisition devices specialized in high-speed and poor signal-to-noise ratio signals, and recently we applied our knowledge in a new field, water treatment.  We are almost ready to present our newest product that embodies the promise of positive change and holds the potential for a brighter future.

Thanks to the platform provided by water experts at Bluefield Research at Aquatech, we showcased, for the very first time, our solution, which revolutionizes the operation and maintenance of desalination plants. This intelligent technology empowers operators by offering real-time monitoring of each reverse osmosis membrane, ensuring continuous visibility into pressure vessel performance and swiftly identifying problematic membranes.

It’s advanced design enables operators to detect even minor parameter discrepancies, enabling proactive intervention. By leveraging its data, operators can plan predictive maintenance strategies and optimize the operation of the plant for enhanced efficiency and performance.

Congratulations to our colleague Breda for breaking the ice and giving the speech in front of important crowd.

Stay in touch with our team as we will slowly present more about the story behind the development. 

Woman giving a speech in front of a crowd