Manuel, Danilo, Anže, and MONACO 3 are back from ANIMMA.

Our team has returned from ANIMMA, a prestigious conference dedicated to endorsing and promoting scientific and technical activities focused on nuclear instrumentation and measurements. During the event, we proudly presented a range of Libera instruments, including our latest addition for the nuclear market: MONACO 3. This cutting-edge, four-channel device is specifically designed for neutron flux monitoring. We demonstrated MONACO 3’s impressive capabilities by showcasing its real-time data processing using a Red Pitaya board. Attendees had the unique opportunity to witness the device’s functionality firsthand, explore its user-friendly GUI, and directly compare its advantages to their existing instrumentation.

Together with our partners at CEA – French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, we have also prepared a paper presenting in detail the qualification of the MONACO 3.

Take a look at the paper: Qualification of MONACO 3 Digital Acquisition System for Fission/Ion Chamber Measurements in Research Reactors