Our Libera team visited IPAC 2023 in Venice, Italy.

Our team has just returned from the IPAC conference in Lido, Venice. We are delighted to have met so many of you at our booth, especially those from outside of Europe, whom we haven’t had the chance to meet for a few years now. 

At our booth, we showcased our new module, Libera 2BPMMRTM, which is an MTCA.4 RTM module designed for processing and digitizing signals from two beam position monitors. If you missed the opportunity to learn about it, you can read more about its functionalities and specifications here. 

We thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the interesting posters presented during the poster session and were particularly proud to witness our products being involved in amazing projects. INFN described the function of our Beam Loss Monitors on their SPES proton Beam Line. A poster presented our collaboration with Bergoz and PSI in the field of particle therapy accelerators. Together, we have assembled the cavity resonator capable of measuring particle beam currents in a non-interceptive way. In it, we used our Libera Digit 500 for real-time data processing. Another captivating poster from the medical field was presented in collaboration with MedAustron, where we showcased the developments of the LLRF system used for their linear accelerator applications. We have implemented regulation loops to assist in adjusting the beam energy and enabling real-time adjustable beam position. 

On top of all that, our head of the Libera Unit, Manuel Cagnelutti, presented our point of view and experience on collaboration between research institutes and industries during the industrial session. He presented the project that started three years ago between us and Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, during which we moved from a prototype to an industrialized product – Pilot Tone FE. Learn more about this successful collaboration by downloading the presentation. 

Good job team and see you all at IPAC 2024!