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Libera Single Pass E BPM testing at PAL ITF

An injector test facility (ITF) for the Pohang Accelerator Laboratory X-ray free electron laser (PAL-XFEL) has been constructed to demonstrate the performance of sub-systems far in advance of the PAL-XFEL construction. One of the subsystems is also a BPM system with feed-forward calculation and magnet control capability.



In February 2014 extensive testing was carried out by our colleague Matjaž Žnidarčič at the PAL ITF facility. Three Libera Single Pass E BPMs (Electron Beam Position Processors) were connected to three consecutive, equidistantly installed stripline sensors. The so-called "3BPM method" gave an elevated position measurement resolution of 1.4 μm RMS at the PAL-XFEL planned beam charge of 200 pC. The excellent results prove that the Libera Single Pass E is a suitable candidate for the PAL-XFEL beam position monitoring system.






To learn more about Libera Single Pass E instruments, you are invited to attend the LSPE training session to be heldduring the 10th Libera Workshop on April 9 in Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

If you would like to receive a Libera Single Pass E Promo unit or learn more about the product, please contact our sales team.



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