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Impressions from the AmCham Business Breakfast on Friday, February 17

The AmCham Business Breakfast on Friday, February 17, hosted a trio of great guest speakers: Anton Rop, Vice President of the European Investment Bank (EIB), Sibil Svilan, CEO, SID Banka, and Rok Uršič, Founder and CEO, Instrumentation Technologies.

The main focus was on how to gain confidence and how to reestablish an effective strategy for the Slovenian economy. What are the advantages we possess and how can we make a good use of them? Is there an economic and financial program that would raise the credit rating of the state?


Rok Uršič stated: "Confidence starts by believing in yourself and then in your colleagues. The future of business depends on one’s character and personality, especially in the age of social media. You need to show who you are."

Rok ursic, ceo

Rok Uršič, Founder and CEO of Instrumentation Technologies

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