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DAΦNE (INFN-LNF, Rome) – Yet another Machine Using Libera LLRF

The team in charge for controlling the low-level RF (LLRF) at the DAΦNE positron-electron collider decided to upgrade their system with the Libera LLRF. The digital RF stabilization system will improve the RF field stabilization and beam quality of the DAΦNE collider by employing an optimized algorithm. The ultimate objective is the increased operation performance and efficiency of the DAΦNE collider.

Libera LLRF was first successfully commissioned at the EMMA (Electron Model for Many Applications), Daresbury last fall. Not only has it proven to be easy to learn and use, it also provides precise amplitude and phase control. 

Are you interested in how you could improve your LLRF system by using Libera LLRF? Six different laboratories have already booked a testing in the coming months. Contact us for more information at: #EM#73606e6677456f2a7c6c6963227e67#EM#!

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