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8th DITANET workshop on BPMs at CERN

Instrumentation Technologies presented approaches and concepts for well-structured Libera BPM developments at the 8th DITANET topical workshop on beam position monitors.
Libera has established a new product category in the field of beam diagnostics. The conceptual innovation (the integration of all functionalities in one instrument – from pickup to the control system) and immense functionality of the Libera units make comparisons with conventional analog BPMs virtually impossible.
Instrumentation Technologies’ BPMs cover a range of functionalities, many of which are common to several applications. Recognition and identification of common functionalities and building blocks in hardware and software are the basis for platform formation.
The platform itself consists of the HW architecture and the corresponding SW framework, named Libera BASE. The stable platform focuses users' efforts on the development of particular applications and on specific requirements. Libera BASE opens doors for fast learning and modification and rapid algorithm prototyping and serves as a playground for custom user-written applications and functionality sharing among users of Libera instruments.
The BPM Development at Instrumentation Technologies presentation includes measurements with two of the latest Libera instruments: Libera Brilliance+ tests at KEK Photon Factory, Japan, and Libera Hadron measurements at the Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL).
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