Reference Master Oscillator

The Reference Master Oscillator (RMO) provides a sine wave signal with very low phase noise (typically below 30 fs in the range between 10 Hz and 10 MHz). This stable reference signal is distributed along the particle accelerator and used as synchronization master reference for all the machine sub-systems.

Product Description


  • stable Master Oscillator reference with low phase noise
  • integrated multiple channel stabilized splitting with possibility to extend the number of output channels (distribution amplifier option)
  • free-running operation with external 10 MHz reference locking possibility
  • possibility of integrating frequency dividers providing outputs at subharmonic frequencies (distribution amplifier option)


The number of RF outputs can be further increased by means of an optional temperature-stabilized distribution amplifier unit connected to the Reference Master Oscillator unit. The distribution amplifier supports up to 12 RF outputs.

The RMO distribution amplifier can be customized in terms of number of RF outputs. The frequency of the outputs can be divided from the provided input frequency for applications where coherent subharmonics are required.