Libera Sync 3

The Libera Sync 3 transfer system enables a number of instruments on the machine to be driven sinchronously with a femtosecond jitter clock signal. Libera Sync 3 provides a long distance point-to-point link with low phase drift which enables better synchronization between instruments and other machine subsystems. Both performance parameters (added jitter, long-term stability) have a strong, if not critical, impact on the overall performance of the machine.

Product Description


  • Industry standard 2U 19’’ form factor
  • High reliability achieved by using high-end electronic and optical components operating in optimal working points
  • Robust mechanical layout specifically designed to maintain a controlled environment inside the units
  • Once tuned it becomes a self-sustaining integral part of the machine

Data processing:



Kees Scheidt
Diagnostics Head (ESRF, Grenoble)

On our Booster beam, we collected much data and features, that we could not measure or even detect before.

Engineering Executive
NDA locked

The prototyping and development Instrumentation Technologies has provided for our team has been exceptional.

Libera Sync 3 is used at the following labs:

  • Sincrotrone Trieste – Elettra (Italy)
  • Paul Schrerrer Institute (PSI) – SwissFEL (Switzerland)
  • Fritz Haber Institute of the MPS (Germany)
  • Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SINAP) – SSRF (China)
  • STFC Daresbury Laboratory ASTeC – EMMA, CLARA (United Kingdom)