Libera Digit 500

The Libera Digit 500 is a low-noise and wide dynamic range digitizer with 4 channels and a sampling frequency of max. 500 MHz, phase locked to an external reference signal. The data is stored in a configurable segmented buffer, with different acquisition modes and trigger rates up to 1 kHz. Instrument is available in AC and DC coupled version. The DC-coupled version has a front end with 250 MHz bandwidth, suitable for time-domain processing of signals coming from different types of sensors. The AC-coupled front end has a bandwidth ranging from 1 MHz to 2 GHz and is suitable for narrow-band signals and digital down-conversion applications. The front end can also be customized to include different types of analog filtering/conditioning.

Product Description


  • 4 channels sampled at 500 MS/s with 14-bit ADCs
  • AC coupled and DC coupled versions
  • 31 dB variable gain, more than 90 dB dynamic range
  • Different buffer acquisition modes with configurable segmented buffer
  • EPICS, Tango, Python, Matlab and LabVIEW compatible
  • Passive cooled, PoE++ compatible

Data Processing:

Each of the four inputs is adjusted in amplitude with a 31 dB software-controlled variable attenuator and later sampled by the ADC converter with sampling controlled by an external reference signal locked through a phase-locked-loop (PLL). The ADC data offset can be removed in the FPGA before the data is stored. One LEMO trigger input is used to trigger the data acquisition in a large ADC buffer with a total size of 4 GB. The buffer can be segmented in chunks of minimum 32768 samples and can be acquired in different modes. The Libera Digit 500 can be further extended by the user with modifications to the FPGA and software code (available under a non-disclosure agreement). Additional features or functionalities can be also added by our developers.


The dynamic range of the system is over 90 dB.

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Libera Digit 500
Clear filters
Libera Digit 500 Datasheet
Filling pattern measurement using a 500 MHz digitizer at Soleil and APS storage rings
Libera Digit 500 Datasheet
Kees Scheidt
Diagnostics Head (ESRF, Grenoble)

On our Booster beam, we collected much data and features, that we could not measure or even detect before.

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The prototyping and development Instrumentation Technologies has provided for our team has been exceptional.