Libera XBS FE

Product Description

Libera XBS FE is a supplementary analog front-end for the Libera Brilliance+ BPM electronics, to be used in combination with the 3rd generation BPM module. The Libera XBS FE contains a cross-bar switch matrix, similar to the one used in the standard Libera Brilliance+ BPM modules. It is intended for tunnel installation as close to the BPM as reasonably possible. The metal housing contains four holes that can be used to fit the module to a fixed support. Four RF cables connect the BPM’s electrodes with the input ports in the Libera XBS FE. Another four RF cables connect the output ports with the BPM electronics which can be installed several meters or tens of meters away from the Libera XBS FE.

The advantage of switching the RF signals already in the tunnel, is the possibility to compensate the long-term drifts that are induced on the long RF cables, in addition to the ones in the electronics.
The system of Libera XBS FE and Libera Brilliance+ ensures a stable position readout with RF cables as long as 200 meters.

Technical specifications of the Libera XBS FE module
Frequency range350 MHz to 510MHz
Input/Output channels4 / 4 (SMA-F connectors)
Maximum input signal range+4 dBm CW
Maximum distance to the BPM module200 meters (tested)
Power supply and control cableCat.7 s/FTP
Temperature dependence< 200 nm /K
Dimensions173 x 129 x 19 mm
Weight∼ 0.8 kg
Libera 2BPMRTM

MTCA.4 Rear Transition Module

Libera Brilliance+

High-precision beam position monitor electronics for electron synchrotron accelerators.