Libera 2BPMRTM

The Libera 2BPMRTM is a MTCA.4 RTM module intended for processing and digitizing the signals from two beam position monitors.

Product description

Libera 2BPMRTM general description: 
The module features 8 input channels with analog front-end customized for the BPM application for electron synchrotrons. Channels are equipped with a programmable attenuator and combination of low-pass and band-pass signals from the pickups. Typically, the central frequencies are around 352 MHz and 500 MHz but others can be supported, too.


  • Eight input channels with 125 MHz 16-bit A7D converters
  • Analog front-end with customized filtering and amplification
  • RJ-45 interfaces to control the external switching module
  • D1.2 backplane connector for the AMC module
  • FPGA and software support
Libera 2BPMRTM parameters: 
Input signal frequency range(500±8) MHz bandpass, -3 dB
Maximum input signal amplitude0 dBm, CW, at full attenuation
Input channels8 (2x4), SMA-F
Input impedance50 Ω
A/D converters125 MHz, 16 bit
Variable attenuation0 dB to 31 dB
Maximum crosstalk-76 dB (between 4 channels) -95 dB( between BPM1 channel D and BPM2 channel A)
Input noise density-144 dBm/Hz (31 dB attenuation) -169 dBm/Hz ( 0 dB attenuation)
Libera XBS FE

Supplementary analog front-end for the Libera Brilliance+ BPM electronics.

Libera 2BPMRTM
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