Libera Spark HR

Libera Spark is a compact beam position processor that offers high-precision position measurement of different beam types (electrons, protons, ions, etc.). It is optimized to work with button, stripline and shoe-box pickups. The digital signal processing (DSP) supports detailed adjustment of the processing window and position measurement in various regimes and bandwidths. Depending on the requirements and the Libera Spark version, the data available to the user ranges from bunch-to-bunch, turn-by-turn to slow data stream.

Product Description


  • Best price/performance ratio
  • Compact and robust design
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Source code available
  • No maintenance required
  • EPICS & Tango & MATLAB ready


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Libera Spark HR
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Commissioning results of the new BPM electronics of the ESRF booster synchrotron* (IPAC’15, Richmond, VA, USA)

For demonstration purposes, Libera Spark can be fully controlled with a Qt Graphical User Interface. It uses a netcat utility that connects to Libera Spark via SCPI set/read commands. Check example figures and tutorial videos.

Libera Spark – ADC

Libera Spark – FFT

Libera Spark – Parameters

Libera Spark – TBTXY


Getting started with GUI

Set up the custom ADC coupling frequency

ADC data readout

Kees Scheidt
Diagnostics Head (ESRF, Grenoble)

On our Booster beam, we collected much data and features, that we could not measure or even detect before.

Engineering Executive
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The prototyping and development Instrumentation Technologies has provided for our team has been exceptional.