GDX Module

Product Description

The GDX module extends the interconnection capabilities of the BPM electronics. Four protocol independent small form pluggable (SFP) slots can be used to build a closed loop of all the instruments in the accelerator. It features a Virtex6 FPGA, which is completely open to user-developed applications. It can process the internal (within the chassis) and external position data at various data rates.

Capabilities of GDX module
Memory2 GB DDR3
I/O interfaces4X SFP+ compliant, compliant multiprotocol operations, LVDS links to AMC connectors
SFP protocolAURORA, GbE, others on request; independent to each SFP
PCIexpress x4 bus interface to instrument's backpane
On-board clock synthesizer and programmable VCXO for clock generation
Board management is already established
Libera Hadron

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