Libera Current Meter

Depending on its application, this multichannel data acquisition system is either a current input digitizer or a general-purpose photomultiplier analyzer. The Libera Current Meter is applicable to blade monitors, diamond detectors, wire scanners, and Faraday cups. Capable of high sampling rate, this picoammeter includes 4 input channels and is capable of low current measurements from nA to 2 mA. This low-current ammeter features six measurement ranges that can be calibrated using a known current source. Reconfigurable processing scheme enables measurements of fast current pulses as well as DC current signals. The device can be used with no network connection and store data to the USB storage directly.

Product Description


  • Highest sampling rate compared to other devices
  • User-defined data processing available
  • Power-over-Ethernet
  • Web-browser GUI and other industrial standard interfaces
  • Reconfigurable signal processing
  • Compact and robust design
  • Local access and data storage

Data processing:

Input currents are immediately converted into voltage via a trans-impedance amplifier, with six different gains depending on the current range selected via software. The signals are then digitized using 18-bit and 2.5 MSps A/D converters. Data is available from a (triggered) buffer, and as a continuous data stream. Each channel can be re-calibrated for offset and gain using a nominal current source.


The instrument’s front panel contains interfaces intended for establishing connection to the network, USB storage and USB console. From left to right: microSD memory card slot, micro USB console, RJ-45 for PoE and connection to the network, USB 2.0. There is also a green LED that indicates the instrument is powered ON.

The instrument’s back panel contains interfaces for incoming timing signals and signals from current detectors. From left to right: signal inputs marked as A, B, C and D, trigger inputs marked as T0, T1 and T2, ground connector.



Libera Current Meter Performance
Temperature drift (room temperature)< 5 nA/°C
8-hour stability (25 °C)< 1 nA
RMS uncertainty on Fast data< 20 nA
RMS uncertainty on Slow data< 200 pA

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Libera Current Meter
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Libera Current Meter Datasheet
Feasibility of Reactor Pulse Operation at the IJS TRIGA Reactor for Nuclear Instrumentation Detector Testing at Very High Neutron Flux Levels
Libera Current Meter Datasheet
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