IBIC 2020 & PTCOG 2020 virtual events

The International Beam Instrumentation Conference (IBIC) brings together the world community of experts in beam instrumentation and diagnostics for particle accelerators to explore the physics and engineering challenges of the field, and share the latest innovations.

This year, IBIC was held in virtual form, but nonetheless we were present in our virtual booth, where we showcased our company presentation, Libera Book 2020, as well as Danilo Bisiach’s Poster Session introducing the capabilities of Libera Digit 500, which performed efficient fill pattern monitoring in both SOLEIL and APS storage rings. The instrument was connected to a BPM and the signal level was adjusted and retrieved using the application interface. The instrument was able to measure the filling pattern in different conditions (single bunch, multi-bunch…). To review the results published at IBIC2020, please refer to the poster.

Among the interesting talks that contributed to the event, we would like to highlight Laura Torino’s (ex. ESRF) “Beam Instrumentation Performances through the ESRF-EBS Commissioning”, where she presented the successful commissioning of the ESRF-EBS low-emittance ring. Among the tools that have proven to be very useful in this context is the Libera Beam Loss Monitor System, used to detect any obstacle along the beam path and parts of the machine that are not perfectly assembled.

During the event, we offered a 20% discount on orders of the Libera Current Meter instrument, which is still available for the first five emails that contact manuel.cargnelutti@i-tech.si expressing their interest in receiving this offer. (In order to deliver the instrument within the first months of 2021, we kindly ask users to express their interest in the discount by email before 18 October 2020. After having expressed an interest, the first five who apply will get an email confirmation and the discount will be valid for the placement of one order until 31 December 2020)

The Particle Therapy Cooperative Group (PTCOG) event was also held online. On our virtual booth we presented the Libera Medical Brochure, medical papers and a company presentation video.