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CC BME – Competency Center for Biomedical Engineering




Biomedical engineering is one of the world’s most promising and fastest growing industries. Rapid technological developments are being fuelled by breakthroughs in basic sciences and engineering, as well as by an increasing global demand for more affordable, effective, and minimally invasive medical treatments. The vision of the CC BME is to establish Slovenia on the global map as an incubator of highly innovative companies that build the most interesting biomedical devices in the world. The program of the CC BME is broadly focused on the research and development of products and applications that reduce the invasiveness of medical treatments and increase the reliability and accuracy of diagnostic procedures.




Basic data about the CC BME research project:

  • Duration: 2010–2014
  • Role of Instrumentation Technologies: Consortium Partner
  • Project carried out by Instrumentation Technologies:
    • TOF–PET: The instrumentation for the scanner provides improved imaging technology in nuclear medicine
    • Positron emission tomography (PET) is an important diagnostic tool in oncology, neurology, cardiology, and for identifying inflammatory processes. The project aims to improve the quality of PET devices in terms of the signal-noise ratio by improving the time resolution of the devices. It combines specialists from Instrumentation Technologies, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering  (University of Ljubljana), the Jožef Stefan Institute and the University Medical Centre Ljubljana.

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