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Single Pass E

High performance beam position monitor electronics for electron linear machines

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Single Pass E


Libera Single Pass E enables beam signal processing for Linear Single Pass Machines.

It is recommended for:

  • Position and related measurements on Free-Electron Lasers (on injectors and transfers)
  • Position and related measurements on Energy Recovery Linacs
  • Synchrotron light sources: injection diagnostics solutions, beam position monitor applications on linacs and transfer lines
  • Measurements on single bunches, various bunch structures, up to continuous wave (CW) operation
  • Detectors / pickups of button or stripline type


Accurate position measurements in single pass

  • Invaluable tool during machine commissioning, regular operations and machine physics studies
  • Ranges from single-bunch to continuous wave (CW) applications


Fully digital all-in-one solution

  • Analog and real-time digital signal processing and high-level software
  • Internal phase alignment of input signals
  • Up to four beam processors in one chassis
  • Easy to integrate in any control system


High-end technology embedded

  • Based on uTCA standards
  • Embedded standard Computer on Module (COM) with Intel ATOM
  • Embedded Event receiver (EvRX) module
  • VirtexTM 5 or higher
  • Large playground for custom / user-written applications
  • Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ready


Working together

  • Ideally with other Libera family instruments – Libera Brilliance+, Libera Single Pass H, Libera LLRF
  • Fast-Feedback and Feed-Forward ready instrument
  • Integration of many instruments in the accelerator control system


Supplementary products

Signal generator for optimal testing and SW development.
RF&Clock Generator
Implemented into Libera Brilliance+ enables fast global orbit feedback.
GDX Module
Down Converter for 500 MHz Libera Units

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