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Photon beam position monitor electronics

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Data paths

Broadband data (A/D)

1 M samples

Turn-by-turn processing

4 M samples

Fast data stream

~10 kS/s (default)

Slow data stream

~10 S/s (default)


Processing and measurement functionalities

Calculation equation

Linear (Δ / Σ), configurable through a matrix

Trigger delay

up to ~26 ms

Trigger timestamp

ADC clock domain

Trigger counter

32-bit counter

Trigger source

Hardware input, software

Turn-by-turn processing window

Configurable length

Sampling frequency

Controlled by a PLL

Variable input gain



Externally provided, up to 150 V

Filtering blocks

2 blocks with IIR with configurable coefficients

Fast data output

RJ-45, UDP packets



Supplementary products

Convert the signal from single ended to differential LVPECL.

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