Libera Pilot Tone FE

Product Description

Libera Pilot Tone FE general description:

Beam current dependency, thermal drifts of the electronics and variations in cables caused by changes in temperature and humidity affect the accuracy of the BPM system. The Libera Pilot Tone FE is installed in the tunnel and connected between the BPM pickup and BPM electronics. It combines the RF BPM signals with a pilot tone signal that is slightly offset to the RF. Both signals pass though the RF cables to the BPM electronics and are exposed to the same disturbances. The BPM electronics ( Libera Spark ERPT) process both signals independently in the frequency domain. A digital algorithm compensates the RF BPM signal based on information from the pilot tone in real time.

● Enhanced long-term stability for beam-position monitors
● Cable drift compensation
● Capable to measure single bunch fill pattern through a
SAW filter
● Clean turn-by-turn data without artificial artifacts
● Remote control and power over PoE

Technical specifications of the Libera Pilot Tone FE
General product codeLPTFE
Frequency versions500 MHz 408 MHz 352 MHz
Input/ Output channels4 / 4 (SMA-F connectors)
Input impedance50 Ohm
Programmable attentuation0 to 90 dB
1 dB compression point+ 16 dB
CrosstalkBetter than -60dB
Pilot tone generationInternal or external (SMA-F input)
Control interfaceTCP-IP over Ethernet
Power supplyPoE or 9-12, 1A
Weight1,2 kg
Temperature dependenceFrequency dependence: approximately -250 Hz/°C Amplitude dependence: approximately -0.03 dB/°C
Libera Spark ERXR / ERPT

Compact beam position monitor electronics for electron circular machines.