Libera Distribution Amplifier

Product Description

Libera Distribution Amplifier + general description: 

The Libera Distribution Amplifier serves to split an input RF signal to multiple output RF signals at specified output power levels. Additionally, by applying multiplication and division stages it also enables to generate higher and sub harmonics coherent with the input RF signal. Both functionalities are performed with minimum added jitter and assuring long-term phase stability.

Modular design of the Libera Distribution Amplifier supports up to 6 custom output modules with up to 4 RF outputs each. The output modules enable quick customization in terms of generation of coherent harmonics according to user’s needs.


  • RF signals amplification and fan-out
  • Generation of harmonics coherent with the input RF signal
  • Temperature stabilization to guarantee long-term phase stability
Technical specifications of the Libera Distribution Amplifier
Supported frequency ranges50 MHz - 3120 MHz
RF output1, SMA connector, 50 Ω
Nominal RF input power+ 15 dBm ± 1dB*
RF outputsUp to 24, SMA connectors, 50 Ω
Nominal power per RF output+ 16 dBm ± 1dB
Added jitter (integrated from 10 Hz to 10 MHz)<10 fs RMS **
Operating temperature range20 - 27 °C
Operating relative humidity range0 - 80 %
DimensionsH: 2 U, W: 19" (rack mountable), D: 456 mm

* RF input power can be adapter to a fixed value down to +5 dBm.

** For outputs at ∼ 3 GHz. Added jitter of the outputs at higher and sub harmonics depends on multiplication and division factors.