Amplifier 110

The Amplifier 110 is a four-channel, low noise, non-inverting measurement amplifier. Its gain can be set in increments of 10 dB from −50 dB to 60 dB via an SPI control interface. The Amplifier 110 is intended to reduce wide dynamic ranges to enable further signal processing and acquisition. An example of application is pickup signals in beam position monitoring in accelerators, where the Amplifier 110 can be used in combination with, for example, the Libera Hadron.

Product Description
Dynamic Rangefrom -50 dB to 60 dB
Input Voltagemax. 230 V peak (max. average input power 1.5W per channel)
Output Voltage±2 V peak
Bandwidthfrom 40 kHz to 55 MHz
Gain error between channelsmax. ±0.1 dB
Output referred added noise< 15 mVrms, for gain 60dB < 5 mVrms, for gains <60 dB
Input and output impedance50 Ω

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