Instrumentation Technologies joins European Industrial Alliance on SMRs

We are delighted to announce that Instrumentation Technologies has joined the European Industrial Alliance on SMRs. By becoming a part of this alliance, we are contributing to the collective effort to facilitate and accelerate the development, demonstration, and deployment of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) across Europe. Our participation stresses our commitment to advancing innovative nuclear technologies that are crucial for sustainable energy solutions. We look forward to collaborating with other industry leaders to ensure that SMRs are effectively integrated into the European energy landscape by the early 2030s,  and with that supporting the region’s goals for energy security and carbon neutrality.

Our journey in the field, started with the development of Libera Current Meter, a general purpose current measuring device with 4 input channels.

More recently, we entered the neutron diagnostics market with our Libera MONACO 3, an instrument co-developed with CEA. Through a challenging four-year development and industrialization project, the instrument was redesigned and industrialized to create high-performance instrumentation for neutron flux measurement in nuclear research reactors.
The project was presented during last year’s ANIMMA conference. Read the conference paper. 

Our Libera MONACO 3.