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Young talents and ITS engineers develop prototype hydrological station in two weeks

Young talents and ITS engineers develop prototype hydrological station in two weeks

At Instrumentation Technologies we strive to provide the best products and services to our clients, but we understand that it is just as important to invest in the upcoming generations. Recently we were involved in a project with students from the Vič Gymnasium, where a group of students and their mentor, Uroš Dragonja worked together for 2 weeks. The aim of the project was to create a prototype hydrological measuring station that can measure the depth and flow rate of torrential streams and send data online using the LoRa network.


The station operates on batteries which are powered by a solar cell, and the data is sent wirelessly. Several sensors are installed at the station that allow measurement of water flow and water level. A water pressure sensor is used, to measure the height, and the measurement of the speed of the water flow is done using a turbine with a turn counter. A 10GHz transmitter and receiver are also installed on the unit. The 10GHz signal is reflected off the water and the frequency change due to the water movement (Doppler effect) is detected. This provides an additional source of data on the speed of the water.


This experiment allowed the students to get an insight into how these kinds of developments work, as well as how to work on complex projects. They learned how the tasks are divided between the team members and how to measure project progress. They also realized that there are a lot of things that could be improved, as well as things that need further testing and research.


The students who participated in the project: Aleksander Piciga, Andrej Matevc, Gregor Kržmanc, Luka Skeledžija, Tadej Strah

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