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uLOG and TMCB Project: The Result of Institute–Industry Collaboration

During the past few months, Instrumentation Technologies engineers have been working together with the DESY LLRF team to deliver two prototypes: the uTCA Local Oscillator Generation Board and the Temperature & Monitoring Control Board. The project includes defining requirements, research, evaluation of alternatives, development, design and testing in close cooperation with the DESY’s LLRF team, led by Mr Holger Schlarb.

The collaboration proved to be a win–win situation, combining institute knowledge and experience with our expertise in addressing the specific needs of the labs. It provided a rapid, professional and cost-controlled approach focused on result. Mr Frank Ludwig, the project leader of the uLOG project at DESY, commented: “I want to thank you so much for the fruitful cooperation. Especially for the uncomplicated and professional team-oriented discussion with the engineers during the design stage of the TMCB project.”

Do you have a specific need at your lab but are afraid that the project will end up late and costly? Share your ideas with us and we can cope with the challenges together.
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