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SINAP SSRF (China) - Upgrade from Libera Electron to Libera Brilliance



Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility which is a part of Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics has decided for an upgrade of their Libera Electron units to Libera Brilliance before the end of this year when we will cease production of Libera Brilliance product. Our team conducted the upgrade effectively this month.


The upgrade of Libera Electron to Libera Brilliance represents an economical way of getting a brand new instrument, which performances are brilliant. The upgrade to Libera Brilliance is straightforward from the control system point of view, as Libera Brilliance and Libera Electron share the same:

  • CSPI Interface to the control system
  • Software releases
  • Enclosure

The complete upgrade of the single unit takes less than 30 minutes and can be done at our premises or on-site by our team.



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