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New orbit measurement and control at Siberia-2 (Kurchatov Institute)

Instrumentation Technologies supported the Kurchatov institute team to replace the current BPM system by installing 24 Libera Brilliance units. We are pleased to report that all the units have been successfully tested and are now fully operational in the Siberia-2 storage ring.


The work was completed within the projected time scale and enabled a fast and smooth transition to the new orbit control system. To conclude the process, a seminar was held providing essential information about the Libera Brilliance system, describing the configuration of the electronic system and the possibilities inherent in electronics' operation.



Kurchatov institute 1

Zdravko Rijavec (Technologist, Instrumentation Technologies)



Kurchatov institute 2

Peter Leban, M.Sc. (Product Expert, Instrumentation Technologies)

Kurchatov institute 3

Manuel Cargnelutti (Software Development Engineer, Instrumentation Technologies), Peter Leban, M.Sc. (Product Expert, Instrumentation Technologies)



We congratulate the Siberia-2 team and wish them every success in their future endeavours.



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