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Looking for a simple but high-performance XBPM processor for your DECTRIS RIGI XBPM?

The Libera Photon is the perfect match for the RIGI XBPM sensor: fast integration, BIAS voltage support and instant position readout are just a few of the reasons why users at Advanced Photon Source, Swiss Light Source and Canadian Light Source have adopted the system.


Libera photon 50 off


As we are celebrating our double anniversary (the 15th anniversary of the founding of the company and the 10th anniversary of Libera), you too can benefit from this special offer and get the Libera Photon, our X-ray BPM, at half price.


The offer is valid throughout the anniversary year, until March 12, 2014.


To get a better insight, you may want to take a look at Kevin Battaile’s presentation from IMCA-CAT, the Argonne National Laboratory, that outlines his implementation of the Dectris RIGI 4S sensor with the Libera Photon at a 17-ID.



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