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Libera Workshop Review

The 8th Libera Workshop took place from October 10 through October 12, 2012. It was held at Sveta Gora – a significant place by itself: 682 m above the sea level, with a magnificent view of the Julian Alps, Carnic Alps and the Dolomites, Soča Valley and the countryside leading all the way to the sea.


The workshop lived up to its theme My Idea in Our Logo libera and brought together 28 participants from 17 different organizations representing 11 countries.


Libera workshop 2012
Rok Uršič (CEO)


Many different topics were addressed. Correct, focus was on Libera instruments, but the workshop started with future accelerator driven subcritical systems, then new machines were discussed and further synchronization and timing system were addressed. MicroTCA platform options were stressed and besides the beam position monitoring, low level RF and spectroscopy instrumentation were presented. Finally also the options for knowledge growth and sharing within different project schemes were exposed.


Libera workshop 2012
Elvis Janežič, M.Sc. (Sales Projects Manager)


The dinner of the 8th Libera Workshop was a very special yummy. The students of the nearby Biotechnical School of Nova Gorica decided to prove the aspiration of young chefs in creation of a wide portfolio of dishes exclusively selected for the scientists and engineers from the worldwide accelerator community.


We would like to thank you for attending the workshop and sharing your knowledge with other participants. We trust you found the event both useful and enjoyable and will be interested in joining us for the next edition.


On our website you can find all authorised presentations under Proceedings tab. Here you can also view the 8th Libera Workshop Photo Gallery. Žiga Koritnik, a respected Slovenian photographer, managed to capture the scientific and engineering soul of the event – opposite from his normally black and white photography, this time it was also in colours.




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