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Libera Workshop Proceedings

Instrumentation Technologies organized the 7th Libera Workshop from 29 to 30 September. A record number of participants from 22 different machines from 14 countries attended the event. The growing number of users’ presentations (14) proved the workshop to be the right place for exchanging experience of using Libera instruments. It also builds grounds for working together in future projects for the accelerators’ needs and introducing new technologies in the field. An interesting innovation of this year’s workshop was the round table discussion “Working Together: Challenges in Institute–Academia–Industry Collaboration”. The summary of the round table and all other presentations can be downloaded from:

“So many thanks for your hospitality during our stay in Solkan to attend the Libera Workshop 2011. Thanks for helping us solve problems and showing us that more Libera products can be used widely in the Accelerator Systems,” commented Mrs Yong Zhang from the Beam Dignostics Team at the Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Thanks to all the participants for making the Libera Workshop so exciting once again!

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