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Libera Workshop 2018 review

This year's Libera Workshop was held from May 16 – 18 in the beautiful Brda region, at Gredič Castle, which is known for its beautiful view, luxurious ambience and delicious wine and food produced by local growers. 

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The workshop brought together participants from 9 different organizations from 8 different countries, such as GSI, Bevatech, Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste, ESRF, AVO, STFC and JINR.
Some of the topics that were highlighted at the workshop:

  • Libera Spark ERXR is getting ready for bigger challenges: the latest upgrades and extension modules make it suitable for more and more applications. Experience from the first units installed in the Storage Ring.

  • Beam Loss Monitor system: from a digitizer to a calibrated versatile tool for beam diagnostics. Reported measurements from ESRF.

  • Temperature stabilized technology: how it enabled us to develop Reference Master Oscillators, Clock Transfer Systems and improve our LLRF Systems.

  • Higher sampling rates, Pilot tone technology and larger FPGAs: where is the future of the next generation of storage-ring BPM electronics?

  • CLARA FEL: status of the project and next phases

  • Medical applications of particle accelerators: challenges and results for BPM electronics and LLRF system

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You can find all of the presentations under the Proceedings tab, as well as the 14th Libera Workshop Photo Gallery


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