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Libera Workshop 2011

Meet us in Solkan from 28-30 September 2011!

Libera Workshop 2011

Instrumentation Technologies is organizing the 7th Libera Workshop from 28 to 30 September in Solkan.
After the successful sessions at last year’s Libera Workshop, we continue with the same concept, giving most importance to users’ presentations and case studies. You are welcome to contribute with your latest work and exchange your thoughts with the Libera community. Send me an email with the suggestion of your presentation at: #EM#6d6e6860652b75737a6c626a7e4d67226474717b3a667f#EM#.

Join us and exchange knowledge and experience using Libera instruments with other engineers from particle accelerators around the world. We are eager to meet you in the beautiful environment above the emerald Soca River.

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