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Instrumentation Technologies at IPAC 2012 with our new EvRX module

This year, we also attended the IPAC12 conference, held in New Orleans — the city of jazz, soul and the Mississippi River.

There we met with our friends from the accelerator field all over the world and discussed new developments and future cooperation. The EvRX (Event Receiver Module, MTCA.4 compliant) recently came off the production line, just in time for us to take it with us and to put it on display for the first time.


See you next year at IPAC13 in Shanghai, China!



ipac12 kit group
Intensive discussions about our latest Libera developments:
Sebastian Marsching (PhD student, Karlsruher Institut fur Technologie), Nigel John Smale, PhD (Diagnostic group, Karlsruher Institut fur Technologie), Rok Hrovatin, PhD (Head of Sales, Marketing and Support, Instrumentation Technologies) and Gašper Jug (Project Manager, Instrumentation Technologies).



ipac 12 ditanet group
DITANET, our partners from OPAC project, were also present at the IPAC 2012:
Helen Williams, Rob Ashworth, Glenda Wall



ipac12 it group
Our team:
Gašper Jug (Project Manager), Rok Uršič (CEO), The EvRX module (Event Receiver Module)☺, Rok Hrovatin, PhD (Head of Sales, Marketing and Support)


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