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INFN – LNF DAΦNE, Italy and Instrumentation Technologies' joint testing of the Libera LLRF customized unit

INFN ordered the Libera LLRF unit for their DAΦNE collider’s RF system control in order to improve its performance.

The development of customized features is under way, and there was a successful joint testing of the implemented features in December.
Testing proved that development is well on track for final implementation and use at the DAΦNE collider by mid-2012. The overall implementation and performance of the Libera LLRF system’s controls and performance were very satisfactory to the RF team, which came to Slovenia from INFN-LNF for the joint testing.
Collaboration between INFN-LNF and Instrumentation Technologies is proving to be another example of successful institute-industry collaboration aimed at achieving the required performance specification and meeting the project deadline.
For more details, please consult the papers that will be published at IPAC 2012 in May 2012 by the INFN-LNF and Instrumentation Technologies teams.

Would you like to learn how you could improve your LLRF system by using Libera LLRF?
Check the list of different laboratories that have already ordered Libera LLRF or have tested it on-site.

For more information, contact us at #EM#73606e6677456f2a7c6c6963227e67#EM#.



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