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Design and assembly of LoRa gateway

Design and assembly of LoRa gateway

Even though summers are usually meant for vacation, we were very productive this year and worked with a student from Vič Gymnasium named Miha Pompe. Working with promising students who are genuinely interested in our field has proven to be beneficial for both parties in the past and this case was no exception.


With the help of our experts, Miha designed and assembled a waterproof housing for a LoRaWAN (long range) gateway. The gateway is installed on the roof of our building in Solkan, which allows it to cover a large area. The measurements so far have indicated a range of at least two kilometers, which means the gateway is able to cover two countries, since our company is located about 1 meter from the Italian border.


The project has created a long-lasting benefit for our company. The gateway will allow us to develop IoT instruments, which use LoRaWAN technology for connecting. Furthermore, external users will be able to connect their own devices over the LoRa network provided by our gateway.


We are proud to take part in the local initiative The Things Network Nova Gorica. We will also be participating in The Things Conference in Maribor, which brings together experts on LoRaWAN technology and The Things Network platform.

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