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What is Libera Sync 500 MHz used for?


Libera Sync is a device used for distribution of high quality clock signal. Its task is to transfer the clock signal from the source to the remote location. It consists of two units, Transmitter of reference clock, and Receiver of the reference clock. They are interconnected with a pair of single mode optical fibers.


What is the maximum distance that Libera Sync 500 MHz is able to transfer the clock signal?


Libera Sync 500MHz is designed to transfer the clock signal in the range of 50 to 500 meters. For distances up to 2 km a customized version of the instrument may be created.


How many RF clock outputs are provided at the Receiver unit?


There are two RF clock outputs at the receiver unit.


What is the temperature range that the optical fibre between Receiver and Transmitter unit can be exposed to?


Libera Sync 500MHz is able to compensate approximatetly 3 ps phase drifts. The compensating temperature range is inversely proportional to the optical fibre length and can be evaluated to approximatetly ±2.5°C for 300 m of fibre. The temperature drift compensation ability depends on the type of the cablingthat is used for the optical fibres and on the temperature gradient the cable is exposed to. Higher temperature gradients impose stronger mechanical stresses to the fibres and consequently higher phase drifts.


How much time is needed for the Libera Sync 500MHz to stabilize?


It takes approximately 2 hours to stabilize the instrument.


How often do I need to setup the Libera Sync 500 MHz?


Libera Sync 500 MHz is configured at instalation. If the tunnel temperature where the optical fibres are installed is within expected temperature range, reconfiguration is not needed anymore.


Is it possible to control the Libera Sync500MHz unit from the remote place?


Libera Sync500MHz can be accessed and controlled through RS232 and Ethernet. For the Ethernet, the telnet access is provided to remotely access the Transmitter and Receiver.


Is it possible to monitor and log the operational data?


The operational datalogging is possible remotelly on computer or locally on a micro SD card. With the card that is provided with the unit, more than 1 month of continuos logging is possible.


Is it required that the unit is installed in the temperature stabilized environment?


The Receiver and the Transmitter require only moderately thermally stabilized environment in the range from 20 to 30°C.

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