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Frequently asked questiones


For what kind of accelerators the Libera LLRF can be used?


It can be used practically on any type of accelerator known today. Its flexibility to employ various control algorithms is the answer to this along with the measurement part makes it a really valuable tool for the RF expert and operator.


How often do I need to calibrate Libera LLRF?


Libera LLRF is calibrated only at instalation. Afterwards if cables or parts of the RF system are not changed, calibration is not needed.


Can Libera LLRF be used in RF systems that operate in the continuous mode of operation?


Libera LLRF can be used in RF systems that operate in continuous and pulsed mode.
For instance the version that supports both modes without stopping the unit has been tested. This can be useful for instance when you are conditioning the cavities in pulsed mode of operation before normal continuous mode of operation.


How complex is to do the measurements in the RF system?


This is trully practially effortless. For each input RF signal, there is a demodulated amplitude and phase available in the physical units. For detailed diagnostics selected part of the signal can be viewed and examined in detail with the stability and power level provided.
Along with that the output signal and error signals are available.
Beside that also the RF syste characterization tool (similar to vector analyzer) can be integrated into the unit. Resonance frequency can be measured and for instance defects in the coupler placements can be seen. Because of its sampling we were able to detect RF system responses that were not known to the user until then. Also the beam loading effects to the RF signal can be seen.


Is it possible to control the Libera LLRF unit from the remote place?


Libera LLRF is a network attached device. It is possible to control it from wherever it is possible to connect to it through the network. GUI is the interface.

Can the system be integrated into the EPICS control system?
Libera LLRF is developed in a way to enable integration into any control system. For EPICS interface is already available, for others it is possible to do it.


We are experiencing heavy beam loading during the operation. Is this possible to compensate?


If normal control loop (classical feedback) is not suficient to do the job, we have possibility to employ several other principles – classical rectangular shape of the feed-forward signal, arbitrary shape of the feed-forward signal or even arbitrary shaped feed-forward signal that changes its parameters from pulse to pulse.


Can we optimize control algorithms ourselves?


For each user so called development kit can be prepared. With it either optimisation or complete change of the control algorithm can be made by experienced user.


How complex is the Libera LLRF system to use?


We eased the use of the instrument by providing GUI where all the parameters to operate the Libera LLRF are available. For instance, at EMMA (proof of concept NS FFAG accelerator that uses probably the most complex Libera LLRF configuration) the transition to the RF experts was done within a day, while they were then able to transfer it to the scientists within a few shifts of EMMA operation.
Also when testing the unit at different accelerators, we were able to set it up within a day, so installation itself is not so demanding as well.

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