The new Red Pitaya upgraded for industrial DAQ applications?

Red Pitaya has recently lanched a high-end platform to join its successful STEMlab-125 development boards. STEMlab is a test and measurement environment designed to provide a low-cost alternative to many expensive measurement and control instruments. STEMlab 250-12™ offers enhanced hardware performance, complete software control and additional hardware features over the STEMlab-125 products and is designed to meet the needs of more demanding users for industrial, research, test & measurement and data acquisition applications. Its larger FPGA enables greater real-time processing capabilities plus faster analogue front and back-end performance. Small and portable, it also offers the benefits of remote access, with a web app user interface accessible through Ethernet or WiFi.

Many companies across different industry segments used Red Pitaya for concept prototyping and while they were satisfied with its performance, they were looking for something more robust and capable of more detailed measurements. These companies are looking for a device which could be successfully upgraded and integrated into their own solution or existing products.